DOE Changes 2015

Posted 9/9/2014

We are writing to inform ou of a new DOE (Department of Energy) law which will require higher energy efficiency known as (EF) that becomes effective April 16, 2015!  This new law will have sweeping changes throughout the water heater industry.

All water heaters less than 55 gallons will be required to have an additional 2" of insulation among other new technologies.  This will increase cost and have an impact on where, or if a new water heater with the new EF will fit in the location of your current water heater. 

Water heaters with a volume greater than 55 gal. will have to be replaced with a 90% EF water heater.  Although, this will de3crease monthly fuel cost' the cost to the consumer for water heater installation will increase dramatically.  New venting will have to be installed; and a 110V electric outlet will need to be available at the location of the water heater.  Space for the new unit will also be a factor.  This will require additional height and width requirements and venting.


1.  Have your current water heater inspected and flushed.

2.  If your water heater is approaching its life span, have a new one installed now.

3.  Give us a call for a FREE quote and evaluation of your current water heater and      options for the future.